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2 Responses to پرژین، فارسی، پرسا، پرزیش، پارسی؟ زبان مادری من چیه آخه؟

  1. Ostad گفت:

    The word Persian is in fact a derivative of the Greek word Parthian. The inferior Greek alphabet lacked the letters “F” and also “S” so the name Farsian (original Iranians) was written as Parthian. This greek word eventually became the common Persian, which is not an Iranian word to begin with. Just because Persian is a common word, doesn’t mean its use should continue, given it’s non-Iranian roots. Please get educated, no self-respecting Farsi-speaking Iranian will ever use the P-word.

  2. mahsita گفت:

    Dear Ostad,

    Thanks for your input. We have been having a lot of interesting discussions on this topic. You can follow them on the links below to judge by yourself. The main argument is that the word “Persian” in English is the way how the language was recognized internationally and before changing it to any other name we should have a serious think about the consequences. It´s not about how we call it in Iran or whether or not we agree or not agree personally.

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