Persian Language Services hires the crème de la crème of the industry to provide world-class audiovisual services that meet the demands of the industry. Be it website localization or translation of software and video games or the translation and adjustment of screenplays, professional, amateur videos, or corporate videos and subtitles with or without time code , we offer all the above in the following language combinations:

  • English >Persian
  • German><Persian
  • Spanish<>Persian

The format and content of the material need to be both linguistically as well as culturally appropriate for cross cultural communication and seamless knowledge transfer across the globe. This is the main purpose of our professional audiovisual translation service and we always ensure that clients get exactly what they are looking for when they introduce their offerings (websites, video games, software, corporate material, video, letters, etc.) in a different target market.

We understand the importance of each and every element such as the format, content, and layout and always pay close attention to ensure that potential and interested customers develop an instant feeling of familiarity when they view websites or play video games or try out software that has undergone thorough and seamless audiovisual translation.

Maintaining the consistency of language and tone across different markets is a challenge and it requires skill, experience, and an in depth understanding of the context to successfully launch different products. Audiovisual incorporates graphics, navigation, optimization, etc. but it also goes beyond all these to feel just right for a specific target market. We help our clients establish trust and credibility in the markets that they venture into and we have what it takes to handle different audiences and people across diverse cultures and who speak a different language. We endeavor to be a global linguistic partner by offering professional, top quality, affordable and most importantly, personalized services that are perfectly tailored to your needs and requirements. Contact us at Persian Language Services to offer the most suitable solution to your specific needs.