Rapid advancements in science and technology and high end modes of communication have made the world a smaller place. Businesses from different parts of the globe are reaching out to each other; be it to set up shop in emerging markets or to collaborate on different projects or for the sole purpose of research and development. In such a dynamic and interactive atmosphere, overcoming the barrier of language is the key to the success of any project. Professional translation services hold the answer to bridging the gap between different countries and people across diverse cultures. At Persian Language Services, our team of trained, experienced, and highly qualified translators understand the importance of helping our clients on a number of different projects across the board. Be it business correspondence and product specifications or translation of marketing material and user guides or a variety of other type of texts, we can be consulted for projects of any magnitude and complexity.

Our translation services are supported in the following language combinations:

  • Spanish><Persian/Farsi/Dari
  • German><Persian/Farsi/Dari
  • English>Persian/Farsi/Dari
  • English><Arabic
  • Spanish><Arabic

Our translation areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Technical translation:

Translation of manuals and user guides, company brochures, press release, data sheet…

  • Corporate communication:

meeting minutes, brochures, websites, corporate presentations letter and correspondence, press releases promotion brochures…

  • Legal documents:

Contracts, articles, purchase agreements, testaments, documents, certificates, university certificates…

  • Website localization

If you don´t find your subject of project please contact us to provide you with more information.

Why do our translation services at Persian Language services stand out from our competitors?

  • The high quality of our work
  • The accuracy of the translated information
  • Our highly personalized and customer orientated translation service
  • Our efficient and streamlined process of manual translation
  • Our quick turnaround
  • Our vast experience in the translation industry

So, if you are looking for a company that offers different types of translation with great customer care you have come to the right place. Contact us today at Persian Language Services  for your translation specifications and we will do our best to meet your requirements.