Before the eternal question of “me” or “us” I finally opted for the second choice to embrace all the values that represent this project and all those professionals that already belong or are going to be part of it.I have studied International Commerce, Translation, Interpretation and Synchronization. However, my professional career has taken me to different fields as diverse as the languages that I handle and cultures that I have lived in.

I have worked as an interpreter in public service. I have guided people, accompanying them throughout their adventures in different countries. I have been all the way down to the court cells to announce the judge’s verdict. I have kept patients company in the emergency room. I have congratulated (to) the happy owners of properties with the key in their hands and smile on their faces. I have supervised and somehow conducted political meetings between high military and civil authorities. I have negotiated together with exporting entrepreneurs all the way along to their very first steps towards the international market. I have read screenplays and have contemplated for hours and days the impossibility of the translation of certain words and ideas. I have redacted letters addressed to foreign members, managers, governors and thanks to all these experiences I have had the chance to dip into different lives through this very versatile profession.

Till the day arrived that I noticed that in order to keep on progressing I had to find my niche on the internet, I recognized that counting on the support of my colleagues I could achieve much more. For this reason I thought about the idea of giving a name, a new identity and presence to the team  that comprises all the collaborators that I had the honor to meet and to work with so far to offer to all who(m) seek the same ideal which is communication, solutions and cultural understanding.

Meet the team:

Mahsa                                    Bahareh                                  David