Persian Language Services offers different types of interpretation services such as consecutive, simultaneous, public service, and escort interpretation in the following language combinations: Persian/Farsi, English, German, Spanish and Dari. Our interpreters strive to maintain high quality across all projects while paying close attention to the confidentiality of the project. Our onsite interpreters are also contacted by clients for their business interpreting and excellent communication skills along with their amazing grasp of not only the language but also the subtle cultural differences.

Consecutive and liaison Interpretation in Persian/Farsi/Dari, Spanish, English, Arabic & German,

Our Consecutive and liaison Interpretation services are carried out for interpretation in two or more languages in Europe as well as Iran for a different number of private or professional purposes. The interpreting process is as follows: each speaker talks in their own language and once there are finished the interpreter starts translating the content into the target language. Then the other speaker talks in the other language and again after a pause the interpreter translates the other content. This type of interpreting is the most employed one due to its outstanding results and affordability and is mostly used for business meetings, lectures, trade fairs, public service and property purchase, in real estate agencies and resolving banking issues.

Simultaneous and conference interpretation in Persian/Farsi/Dari, Spanish, English & German

Simultaneous interpretation involves the role of a highly trained and bilingual simultaneous interpreter who listens to a speech through headphones sitting in a special cabin and translates the speech simultaneously into another language. This type of interpreting is used for conferences, TV, radio, European Union or UN and due to its technical requirements such as high concentration level and the ability to listen and talk at the same time in two different languages its among the most demanding professions.

Public Service Interpretation in Persian/Farsi/Dari, Spanish, English & German                                                                   

We also offer interpretation services for a number of public service industries and offices such as health care, social service, Immigration office, land registry, education authorities, etc. This type of interpreting is one of the most demanded linguistic services among new arrivals in a new country. At Persian Language Services we have a perfect understanding of your specific need upon arrival and the whole public administration procedure and formalities that you have to go though. Our interpreters will be on your side to help you out to understand the requirements, to clarify doubts, to seek answer for your questions, to fill up forms and finally to guide you through the bureaucratic labyrinth at the very beginning of your venture in a new country.

Trade Fairs Interpretation in Persian/Farsi, Spanish, English, Arabic & German

The role of the consecutive interpreter becomes even more crucial at fair trades, new market ventures, tough negotiation rounds, etc. When it comes to organizing and visiting a trade fair there are many little details that should be taken into consideration, especially if it is taking place in a different country. Our team of linguistic experts with extensive experience in trade fair s across the globe will guide you and accompany you during your presence at the trade fair to avoid the language barrier and make a success out of your visit. Our consultants not only enhance the communication by translating but also will provide you with all related services such as pre planning, establishing contacts, short listing of providers, organizing your schedule … At Persian Language Services we are aware of the importance of time during a short visit and will ensure that you meet your goals in no time. Furthermore and with providing a number of different leisure activities we will help you out to have a relaxing evening after a hard day of work.

 Escort interpretation in Persian/Farsi/Dari, Spanish, English, Arabic & German

For companies looking to open new markets or families on vacation we accompany you throughout your mission irrespective of the nature of your activity, for business reasons or pleasure. We attend to your needs on your business trip or during tough negotiation rounds, in purchasing properties or other merchandise, through guided visits to places of interests, during your visit to the trade fair and also afterwards while looking for a nice restaurant to relax after all the hassle, in the hospital, in the lawyer´s office, in the real estate agencies, for banking issues. Our team of consecutive interpreters will assist you with any kind of assignment you might have always ensuring maximum reliability and efficiency.

Guided visits, tours and vacations in Persian/Farsi/Dari, Spanish, Arabic, English & German

At Persian Language Services we intent to create a personalized experience wherever you go. In situations where it seems hard to find your way while travelling due to cultural differences or language barriers we can organize your trip and provide you with the company of our guides to cover any business-orientated schedule or simple family holidays so that you can fully take advantage of your trip. Persian Language Services has a dedicated team of reliable and efficient interpreters who can handle all kinds of assignments. We help you tide over all language barriers and make the entire process of communication easier and hassle free. What makes our service truly unique is our personalized approach towards the interpreting process and this is why we believe that you will never be disappointed when you approach us to assist you with the communication. We also encourage you to visit for a comprehensive programme of leisure activities in different cities and countries. Contact us at Persian Language Services to provide you with a custom-made linguistic solution to your specific needs and requirements.