There is a huge number of reasons why you should come to Spain and study Spanish in Spain. Fast facts about the Spanish language are only there to underline this choice:

  • Spain is among the 21s countries where Spanish is set as the official language.
  • Spanish is spoken in some European countries such as Spain and Andorra, most of the Latin American countries as well as some African countries such as Guinea equatorial, Western Sahara or northern Morocco.
  • Even in Asia in the Philippines you could hear some people speaking Spanish.
  • Spanish along with English is the second most widely spoken language in the world with a number of 450 million people speaking Spanish. Studying Spanish in Spain offers you the opportunity to not only learn the language but also to increase your work opportunities in the Spanish speaking job market.
  • Learning Spanish in Spain enables you to immerse yourself fully into a vivid culture which is a successful blend of ancient traditions and modern amenities.

Spain offers an abundance of opportunities to learn Spanish, explore the country and its rich culture, taste one of the great culinary traditions in Europe, enjoy its mild climate and ever present sunshine, and have a dip in the sea on one of the many dream-like beaches on its 8000 km long coastline. The friendliness of the Spaniards and their very sociable way of being is also a big plus for the language students to choose Spain as their top country for studying Spanish.

Having a tapas and chatting with friendly neighbors is part of the daily life in this laid back southern European country. The situation of Spain and its proximity to other countries such as Portugal, France and Morocco also makes it a perfect destination for anybody who wants to study abroad and make the most out of their visit by doing affordable day trips to the neighboring countries. Tired of studying? Then you can always get on a flight and go to one of the many paradise-like Spanish islands to chill down and practice your Spanish in the most relaxed way you could ever have imagined.

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