Spain is one of the most popular countries of the European Union that offers international students plenty of choice of academic courses along with valuable exchange opportunities. Students can expand their horizons in Spain as the system of higher education is very affordable in comparison to other Western universities.

Spain also acts as the gateway to the immense world of professional opportunities since there are twenty one countries where Spanish is the official language. Apart from that there are more countries where Spanish is widely spoken as the second language. That would make out approximately a total of 450 millions of people whose mother tongue is Spanish. The breathtaking fact is that Spanish is the second spoken language in the world!

Spain is renowned as one of the most visited countries since it offers both a very rich cultural experience with high standards of living and stable infrastructures according to European standards. It also proves to have very reasonable cost of living that is considerably cheaper than other European and western countries. This combined with its good climate and pleasant lifestyle makes it one of the most popular and sought after destinations for students.

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